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Services - Waxing

Waxing, above all other beauty services, can be super intimidating!  You might worry about pain, modesty, or simply the unknown.  We know this, so we try to foster a laid-back culture of letting everything be okay here.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re professionals; timeliness and doing a good job are very important to us, but we’re likely gonna be playing loud music, listening to comedy, or cracking jokes of our own.  

We want you to laugh, feel welcomed & included, and feel safe to lower your guard.  In return we offer the same of ourselves through conversation and our own personal stories; you will see us in all of our humanness, too…and we hope you’ll think that’s okay.

  • Arms — full, $55
  • Arms — half, $45
           Hands and fingers are included in this service.
  • Back — $35-$70 
  • Bikini — traditional, $50
  • Bikini — deep, $65
  • Bikini and Backside, $70

Brazilian — HERS, $75
       Service includes hair removal from the labia and crack with however much, little, or no hair left on top that you would like.
Brazilian — HIS, $85
       Service includes hair removal from the scrotum, shaft, and crack with however much, little, or no hair left on top that you would like.

  • Brows — full, $30
  • Brows — unibrow, $20
  • Butt — full, $45
  • Butt — crack, $30
  • Cheeks, $25

    Chest — HERS, $30
    Chest — HIS
           full w/ stomach, $65
           upper only, $45

  • Chin, $20
  • Ears, $25
  • Face, $55
           Service includes cheeks, lip, chin, and jawline, and can include neck if desired.
  • Feet, $20
           Service is included in any full or lower leg wax.
  • Hands, $20
           Service is included in any full or lower arm wax.
  • Jawline, $25
  • Legs — full, $80
           Service includes feet and toe waxing.
  • Legs — half, $60
           Service includes Knees + feet and toes (if applicable).
  • Legs — inner thigh only, $30
           If inner thigh waxing is in conjunction with a bikini wax, please reference bikini pricing.
  • Lips, $25
           Service can include top and bottom lips if both are desired.
  • Neckline, $25
           If the neckline is in combination with back waxing, please refer to Backs pricing.
  • Nostrils, $35
           Ahhhh, gotta love this one! Truly not as bad as it sounds! Client feedback says this service may help with seasonal allergies.
  • Shoulders, $30
           If the shoulder is in conjunction with a back or chest wax, please reference pricing for those services.
  • Stomach, $45
           From the ribcage to the hip bones.
  • Toes, $15
  • Trimming, $10
  • Tweezing, $10
  • Underarms, $25
  • Numbing Spray, $30/bottle (must be applied 15 minutes before waxing)

Don’t see what you’re looking for….let us know!